Getting a good chair is important for any small business. Whether you want it for your office or you want to get it for the home office, you can surely check out the staples Hyken mesh task chair.

Of course, it’s hard to directly take the chair as looks are not the only thing that you need to see. You need to make sure that the chair has better comfort too. This is the complete Staples Hyken Mesh task chair review where we will cover every single detail about the chair.

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Let’s start with the most important thing that is needed which are the features of the chair.



Well, features might not be the correct word for many people but the point is that we will discuss all the unique things this chair has.

The chair comes with breathable mesh material which is the first green light. It’s important to have breathable material when you are buying a chair. You surely don’t want your back to start sweating while you are doing your work.

Along with this, it also has an upholstery design. So, the air will directly circulate through it and you won’t feel the heat.


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It has head support which is a very good thing. However, some people don’t like the headrest. Maybe because of the height difference or other reasons. There is nothing to worry about here as the headrest is just bolted with the chair. If you don’t want the headrest, you can simply unbolt it. People who are working from home surely won’t have the combed hair all the time. So, you can simply remove the headrest if you have messy hair while working.

Moving on to the next, it also has adjustable tilt tension along with the lock. Once you know your comfortable position, you can simply lock it.

The basic information is surely not needed but it weighs somewhere around 28.2 pounds which is good. The dimensions of the chair are 23 x 19 x 48 inches. It’s a revolving office chair (of course).



As you might be knowing, physical comfort is one of the most important things that you will need when you are working. This will not only allow you to work more but it will also allow you to focus better. Just by having a chair with ergonomic features, you will add a couple of more hours to your productivity.

Whether you own a business or you want to use it for WFH purposes or studying, you will have to make sure that the chair is comfortable. When you are working for long hours, a comfortable chair is extremely important.

The Hyken chair is all you will need for better comfort. The comfort level is outstanding here. It has comfortable sitting with a tilt lock too. You can adjust the chair height and sitting position before you lock it. Once you lock it, it won’t move. You can adjust the backrest as per your need.

Staples Hyken Mesh task chair review - Back

As are doing a complete Staples Hyken Mesh task chair review, we will also discuss some negative things. Here, you won’t be able to move the bottom seating near to the backrest. Some advanced chairs have the feature to move or slide the bottom seating. That’s not possible here.

However, you can surely change it by adjusting the bolts. This is a long process and you can’t adjust it as per your need on the go. So, we will surely consider it as a disadvantage. On the plus side, this won’t affect you as the chair is extremely comfortable and you will not face any problem in sitting. So, it is up to you whether you want to consider it as a disadvantage or not.


Durability and Quality

You also need to make sure that the chair is durable. The modern chairs work fine for a couple of years but if you have rough usage, you need to make sure that the chair has a better-built quality.

This chair has an awesome build quality which will last for many years even if you have a bit rough usage. You will get the best quality. We already discussed the material type and features. So, we won’t be discussing it all over again.

Lastly, it is from one of the best brands in the world, Staples. So, the quality will surely be the best.

It is also easy to assemble. You can easily remove the headrest or adjust the bolt in case you want to do it. All you need is a little bit of time and the tools,

So, the durability and quality section has a green light. Now, we will see the last section of the Staples Hyken Mesh task chair review, that is the pricing section.


Where to buy affordable Staples Hyken Mesh task chair?

Pricing is surely a big thing that you need to consider when buying a chair or any other product. You can get the Stapes Hyken chair from the official website or you can also get it from popular eCommerce websites such as Amazon, Walmart, Readyofficesupplies, etc.

So, the question remains the same – from which website you should buy it.

Well, the pricing changes constantly. So, our recommendation would be to check all the websites and see where you can get it at the most reasonable rates. All the websites will have different schemes and offer going on. Therefore, you can check all the websites and see which website is selling the chair at the most affordable price.

Make sure you also see the delivery charge. Almost all of them are free but it is always better to confirm it.


Final Words

To conclude, this was the complete Staples Hyken Mesh task chair review. The chair is perfect for anyone who wants it for home purposes as well for office purposes. We would recommend you to check the pricing on all the websites before you place your order. In this way, you will get it at a reasonable price.


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