Staples Topwinder Correction Tape, 10/Pack (51666)

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The correction tape allows clean and fast correction of typos, and eliminates the hassle of reprinting documents scheduled for faxing or copying due to errors. The tape is easy to use to correct errors of different magnitudes-such as letters, words and sentences. It covers errors on a white sheet of paper and enables the user to rewrite on the tape without creating messy shadows. he tape is dry to prevent soaking. After the tape is applied, it may be written or typed on.

  • Correction Tape
  • 1 line regular coverage
  • Easy, fast, clean and accurate application
  • Applies dry and clear
  • Smooth and dry - write on immediately
  • Fax and photocopy without shadows
  • Not recommended for use on glossy paper
  • Smooth and dry-write on immediately
  • Correction tape is 0.19"W x 8.75 yards per dispenser
  • 10 correction tapes per pack
Fix life's little mistakes with Staples correction tape. The contoured design of this correction tape makes covering up errors quick, clean and easy and eliminates the nuisance of reprinting important documents due to minor typos. Whether you need to correct a letter, a word or a sentence, the tape glides on smooth and dry so you can write or print over it within seconds and provides ample room for adjustments, saving you time and frustration.

Quality Application
Avoid the mess that's inevitable with spilled bottles or splattered liquid, as those messes become a thing of the past with this dry correction tape. This high-quality correction tape won't create shadows when documents are faxed or photocopied, and the white color easily blends with most white sheets of paper.

Dual Action
This 10/pack correction tape boasts a unique dual action feature that allows you to pull for line correction and push for letter correction, taking the complexity out of correcting documents.

Controlled Output
Apply different amounts of pressure in order to control how much correction tape is released with each application. Documents are ready to present within minutes of the correction tape touching paper, allowing you to quickly move on more important tasks.

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